Who We Are

Corporate Cognition India (CCI) is one of the leading business consulting firms headquartered at Bangalore offering wide range of corporate solutions/services mainly in the areas of Legal, Human Resources, Finance and Strategic management. We assist our clients in business value creation through strategic intervention in the areas of strategic visioning for business & identifying key business drivers to build sustainable business & brand building. With a commitment goes beyond the business along with the professional experience combined with exceptional customer service, we provide customized service to enable our clients to meet the challenges of new age business.

At CCI, we leverage on our competency of a consulting organization to devise business models which suit the precise requirements of our clients. As a business consulting organization, we make an in-depth study of the structure of the organization, its requirements and its strengths in the existing and forecasted market conditions. As integrated service providers, we take this understanding a step further by customizing and providing the client organization with services to suit their specific needs, under the single-window model.

We believe that the success of an organization to large extent depends upon the quality of the people it employs & we partner with our clients in developing vibrant & engaged employees through customized services in the areas of competency building through soft skill developments, functional training & knowledge sharing.

We strive to help our clients to establish sound process & systems to achieve optimization of profits at lowest possible cost.

Why Choose Us


Obviously, recruitment is about people. We are rightly proud of ours and believe that the quality of our staff makes us stand out from the crowd.


One Stop Solutions
CCI employs industry experts who have perceptive industry experience and business insight to provide solutions and support in the area of Legal, Human Resource Management, Finance & Strategic Business.


We assist our clients to establish sound process & systems to achieve optimization of profits at lowest possible cost.


We want our associates and clients to truly benefit from working with us.