K. Dharaneeshwaran

Mr. K. Dharaneeshwaran is a law graduate & Master of Law specializing in the area of Contracts. He started legal practice as an advocate in the year 1998. After working with M/s Shiva & Associates for the period of 5 years as a practicing Advocate, he started his own law firm with assistance of four junior advocates.

He is an expert in all types of civil suits & known for legal due diligence in land acquisitions, title verifications & furnishing reports. He has handled numerous cases in the area of Cooperative, Sales tax, Negotiable Instruments, Motor Vehicle Compensation and Corporate.

Drafting/Vetting of documents relating to the acquisition and purchase of real estate, including various agreements/contracts, Memorandum of Understandings, Conveyance Deeds, Lease & Mortgage Deeds and litigation drafting/pleadings like Notices, Reply Notices, Suits, Written statement, Petitions & Objections statements and generally all types of commercial contractual documents and furnishing due diligence report on the same; Client Counseling and prosecuting litigations filed for and against them in matters relating to injunctions, money recovery, declarations, recovery of possession, eviction & ejectments, specific performance, mortgage suits, Bank Suits (Civil, Co-operative and Debt Recovery Tribunal matters) etc are few areas of his forte……………