Prashanth B.K

Mr. Prashanth is a law graduate with a post-graduation in Personnel Management & IR (MSW) and was associated with prestigious companies like Bharat Electronics, Essilor International, Akzo Nobel Coatings & Aditya Birla Group. In an impeccable career in managing people resource in enhancing productivity of the enterprise, he has demonstrated leadership with strategic ability and strong business acumen. Blending his expertise in legal and Human Resource Management, in right proportion, he has exhibited exceptional ability in managing uncertainty, decision making and problem solving.

From representing the managements in Conciliation to handling cases before Chief Director of Factories, Industrial Tribunals, Labour Courts, Civil & Revenue authorities and High Courts, he has strengthened his legal know-how and expertise to benefit his cause.

With his humane approach blended with legal expertise, time and again, he has successfully negotiated terms with unions and signed wage settlements and also achieving drastic improvements in shop floor discipline & facilitated himself as an expert in managing the most important resources – fellow humans.

Legal consulting in the area of labour, Corporate & Civil & Commercial transactions, IR Advisory, Legal Audit & Due Diligence, Strategic Management, Talent Acquisition & deployment, Talent Management, Employee Engagement, Training & Development, Performance Management etc are few areas which are his forte…

Currently he is a legal practitioner in the area of civil, labour & industrial law, Corporate law & taxation & management consultant advising mainly in the area of civil, labour & corporate laws including HR Advisory.